Welcome to your challenge overview section on the DNF APP, here you will find all of the tools you will need to have a successful journey for the next 31 days. Please read the following instructions thoroughly as all the information you need is located here. 

I am excited to give you the tools to take your body to the next level in the following 6 weeks! Thank you for joining my challenge and allowing me to help you reach your body goals!

Do not forget to tag us by using hashtags like #dnf , #dnfchallenge ,#darihanachallenge or #dnfmovement . I would love to encourage and see your journey as you share your new lifestyle with those around you! 

xoxo Darihana

You will be able to click on the tabs below and the information will be displayed on a drop-down menu. Please download the app's latest version downloaded on your phone. Should you have any app issues email hello@darihananova.com